Foam & Mattresses

Foam & Mattresses

We offer cutting foams into custom sizes and foam mattresses in different sizes and firmness.

Comfort Products

Comfort Products

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Our Work

Our Work

Please have a look at our wonderful work done by our professional team.

Cushion Cover

Custom Made

Our hand-made pillows and a wide selection of textile for pillow covers.

Xenofashion Services

  • Tailoring Alteration
  • Manufacturing and Sewing Contracts
  • Custom made dresses

About Us

Xeno Foam and Fashion is proudly a Canadian owned business and operated foam, custom upholstery, and comfort product manufacturing in Vancouver. Xeno was started from home basement in Vancouver as a small cushion cover replacement company and since 2015, Xeno is operating business in more variety of comfort products at it is first location at the heart of fashion and design, Yaletown. With increasing customers and high demand of Xeno product, Xeno is rapidly growing and has plan to extend its branches across Vancouver Mainland and Vancouver Island.


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