Standard Foam Mattresses

Standard Foam Mattresses are in three types of compression of Soft, Medium and Frim which are the right fit mostly for average customers. However, we can customize the foam mattress to fit for the couples with different weight, size and individual preferences.

Construction of Standard Foam Mattress:
There are two different types of mattress dominated in North America;

  1. Spring base layer
  2. Foam base layer

Our standard foam mattress will have a GEL Incorporated Memory Foam or (Visco- Elastic Memory Foam) on the top of the High Density Foam as a Comfort layer or Topper.
Buy Foam Mattress in store or Mobile Van Mattress.
You can come to our store location and try the foam mattress before you buy. If you are busy, DON’T Worry, we understand the value of your time, Xeno Mobile Van Mattress come to your door with standard foam mattress, so you can try the mattress and take advantage of our FREE DELOVERY offer.